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In The Beginning There Was Smidgie..

My First Computer

A Hard Day's Work,
A Hard Day's Work II

My Auntie's Bat Mitvah (I'm Just Adorable)

My First Snowman

I'm Just A Cowgirl On The Roam

My Second Birthday

When I Grow Up I'm Gonna Be A Biker Babe

My Third Birthday New 9/24/03

Great Gramma And Me

A Family Outing New 5/4/03

My Fourth Birthday New 9/24/03

A Graduate! New 9/24/03

I'm A Dino Driver! (With Hiku) New 9/24/03

And Then There Was Hiku

My Auntie Crystyl And I

Learning To Fly, (With Callie)

I'm Only Sleeping (Hard Day's Work III)

Pontifications From The Jumper

New 9/24/03 A Visit To Shriner's

New 9/24/03 My First Birthday

New 9/24/03 Mont Tremblant (With Callie)

My Daddy's 928 Stuff Updated 9/23/03
My Daddy's Machineshop Updated 9/23/03

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