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Blaze and PumpkinLittle Blaze Eating Pumpkin

Lolo Meets ElenaLolo Meets Elena

Violet BathViolet's Pre-Farrowing Bath

Violet with LitterViolet with Litter

Violet-Litter-HouseViolet and Litter In Farrowing House

Our pigs are fed locally grown antibiotic/additive free hay and grain. We finish them on apples (mostly year round) which gives the meat a subtle apple taste. We finish on acorns/walnuts/local nuts during the fall which also enhances the flavor and marbling of the meat.

Our pigs are kept outdoors with freedom to root and wallow and do other piggish things. We do not use traditional farrowing crates but do have wooden range houses which we have built for farrowing. The sows use them voluntarily and are not confined to them. This allows us to give the sow a modicum of freedom and enough room to turn around and go outside to eat/dung while giving a higher level of safety to the litter than would be had with completely free farrowing.

We currently have Berkshire pigs, which are widely revered for their meat quality, which typically has better marbling than other commercial breeds. Berkshires are not as common as Yorkshires or Durocs and almost died out in the 1960's when commercial breeders favored all white pigs but the breed has made a substantial comeback in the last 10-20 years and are not currently considered a heritage breed.

We have recently added Gloucester Old Spots to our breeding program and hope to have GOS pork available in the next year or two.